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Below is a collection of websites that I have worked on where the main programming language was a combination of HTML and PHP.

Yes Essentials®


Yes Essentials® wanted to have a site where they could showcase their interior fabric for cars. Their technical needs were a slideshow to update visitors with their latest designs in the latest vehicles. This was done on the front page and on the Vehicles page. They also needed a contact form for visitors to inquire about their product.

Design: The design was not done by me.
Languages: CSS3, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, Javascript

Blaha Apartment Search


This site was created to provide a more efficient means of searching for apartments online. This was a personal project so that I could perform my job better. The top section uses Google Custom Search to search different types of specific websites instead of all of Google’s database. The first search box searches management and community websites so that I can search the official websites first. The second box searches common ad sources where apartment communities will list themselves. The third searches only Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to see if the community being searched for is listed on common social networks.

The bottom section only uses the zip code to pull up several common ad sources with the zip code searched for so that I can search the results personally for the community. There were plans for the rest of the boxes below, but they have not been completed yet.

Design: The design was created by me.
Languages: CSS3, HTML5, PHP



This is a website that I have been working on with the client. The site started as a Flash site which was based on a template chosen by the client. Since the time I began working on the site I have switched the site over to the HTML template and have had to add in several pieces of code using PHP, JavaScript, and HTML.

Design: The original design was altered by me.
Languages: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP


Below are some of the websites that I have had the privilege to work on for various clients where the CMS I used was WordPress.

USC Upstate | Caravel


The University of South Carolina were looking to create a site to post the most recent student papers. For this purpose, they were looking for a WordPress site designed to fit inside of the outer layout of their entire site. Their biggest technical need was to be able to have posts with multiple authors and for the posts to be sorted by school year instead of by the normal date system. Furthermore, they wanted each author to have their own biography section.

The designer incorporated it into the layout and I made it so that the author would have a short bio on their post with the option to see more of the author's biography. We also set up pages where visitors could see all of the papers written by the same author.

Design: The design was not created by me. I converted the design to a WordPress Theme.
Languages: CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Javascript

Life Outside the Box


Life Outside the Box was created to help those with gluten, soy, and wheat allergies. This is done primarily through the means of YouTube videos but also through the primary website. The posts could contain anything from just the video to recipes and photos. Furthermore, it also needed to connect to social networks.

Design: The logo, photography, and videography are my work. The WordPress was not created by me.
Languages: CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript

Grace Bible Church website screenshot



For their site, Grace Bible wanted a website where they could post updates for their members, post their recent bulletin, update events, and post sermons. This is an important resource for them since their website gets national and international traffic every week for their sermons.

Design: The original design was altered by me.
Languages: CSS, HTML, PHP
Other technologies: Adobe Photoshop, WordPress

Joy Under the Sun Screenshot



This website was created for a client who wanted a place to be able to share thoughts, recipes, crafts, and her Mary Kay business. She asked for dark color scheme with an element relating to the sun. She chose the theme and I created the background and logo to go with the site. I chose colors that might go with the theme and would work with the type of color scheme that she wanted.

Plugins were used to be able to facilitate her recipes that she shares and a plugin for the Etsy account that she will be using to sell her crafts. Furthermore, a plugin was used to display her latest items shared on Pinterest in the sidebar as she requested.

Design: The original design was altered by me.
Technology: Adobe Illustrator, WordPress

School Projects

This is a compilation of some of the school projects that I completed.

Screenshot of the InDesign Project

InDesign Brochure

This was a project that I created for my InDesign class. It combined some of what I learned about Photoshop and what I learned about InDesign to create a brochure that gives a summary about autism.

Technology: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

MoJo Survey Screenshot

MoJo Survey


This project emphasized my knowledge in PHP, HTML, and CSS. I was to create a survey for coffee that would appeal to the audience and yet function perfectly.

Design: The design was created by me.
Languages: CSS3, HTML5, PHP
Other: Adobe Photoshop